Dancing Ewe Farm Wine, Olive Oil & Pecorino Gift Box


Gift box includes: One bottle each of Dancing Ewe Farm Red (Grasso Fratelli Dolcetto d’Alba) and Dancing Ewe Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A healthy wedge of our farm-made Pecorino Stagionato.


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Make your holiday shopping easy this year with one of our gift boxes! Our Farm Wine, Olive Oil & Pecorino box features the best of our Italian imports, as well as a healthy wedge of our own pecorino stagionato. Our Farm White is a crisp, delicious white from the Langhe DOC in the Piedmont region is a blend of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Our Farm Red is an easy-drinking red made in the Piedmont region from the dolcetto grape, featuring a deep ruby-red color, juicy fruit and low acidity. A light and subtle wine that’s perfect with pasta! Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, often referred to as liquid gold, is the purest you can find. It has a smooth yet spicy flavor perfect for pasta, salads, bread dipping, anything really! Farm-made Pecorino Stagionato is our aged sheep’s milk cheese, aged for 6-9 months. Our stagionato pairs wonderfully with fig marmalade or honey.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 6 in

Parmoleto Winery

ParmoletoParmoleto began as a cereal farm, and since 1990 has also dedicated itself to the production of wine and oil. And since 2002 the Sodi Family of Montalcino has been hosting vistitors in a restored farmhouse on the estate.

Parmoleto is a small wine producer, with 12.5 acres of vineyards and a yield of less than 25,000 bottles of wine each year.

Their Sangiovese wines are marked by an intense ruby ​​red color, coupled with a dry, strong character, all created under the sun of the inland hills of the Maremma.


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