Sasso Di Sole Charmat Lungo Rosato


Sasso Di Sole’s sparkling brut rosé of sangiovese is a glorious pink elixir made using the charmat lungo method commonly used for Prosecco, where the juice is fermented on the lees in sealed stainless tanks that trap the carbon dioxide and create beautiful, elegant carbonation. This is one of Jody’s all-time favorite wines, and it positively sings as an aperitivo with salumi and cheese, or an accompaniment to any sort of lighter seafood, poultry or pasta dish.



Sasso Di Sole Charmat Lungo Rosato is a brilliant cherry pink. The nose is an explosion of fragrant fruit and fresh flowers, while notes of cherry, strawberry, lychee and blackberry blend together on the palate. Grapes are harvested in the first week of September. The must is left to macerate for a few hours with the skins. Fermentation continues for another 15 days with indigenous yeasts. The wine is then transferred to the autoclave for a period of 120 days, where the foaming takes place. Alcohol: 12%.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in

Sasso di Sole Winery

Sasso di SoleSasso di Sole are old friends from up the road in Montalcino. Roberto Terzuoli started working at the venerable Biondi Santi — the oldest producer of Brunello di Montalcino — when he was just a boy. After receiving his degree in oenology, he turned his attention to the family farm, bought by his grandfather after the war, bringing all of his knowledge and experience to bear on their ten hectares of sangiovese grosso in the breathtakingly beautiful Val d’Orcia.

The vineyards mostly face southwest, catching copious Tuscan sun, and they’re surrounded by olive orchards and wild forest preserved by the family to promote biodiversity and soil retention. Their wines are made with indigenous yeasts, and fermented slowly in the cellar before racking into steel tanks for malolactic fermentation and then aging in large slavonian oak barrels.

The Terzuoli family of Sasso di Sole has been engaged in the production of wines from the 17th century, with wisdom and experience passed through the generations. The family has always personally managed the production of the grapes, the winemaking and the refinement of the wine to ensure the highest quality in each bottle.

Sasso di Sole believes that respect for the land is the only way to obtain a great wine. The vineyards are approximately 1000 feet above sea level with south/southwest exposure. Medium-textured soil with the presence of stones guarantee structured wines suitable for long aging. A green harvest is carried out in several stages during the ripening phase, and a careful manual harvest follows to obtain intact, mature, high-quality grapes.


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