Sparkling Wine Gift Box


Three sparkling wines to celebrate with during the holidays: Inciucio from Parmoleto, Charmat Lungo Rosato from Sasso Di Sole and Metodo Classico from Montauto. Each bottle is decorated with a bow and we’ll include a personalized message to the recipient.


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Three sparkling wines to add some fizz to your holiday table:

Parmoleto Inciucio is a sparkling Sangiovese that is crisp and light, with notes of peaches and apple. A Dancing Ewe Farm staple for our aperitivo before every meal!

Sasso Di Sole Charmat Lungo Rosato is one of Jody’s all-time favorite wines, and it positively sings as an aperitivo with salumi and cheese, or an accompaniment to any sort of lighter seafood, poultry or pasta dish

Montauto Metodo Classico is fermented using the cold technique to enhance the aromas and elegance of the wine, yielding a crisp, sharp palate-pleaser.

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