Sunday Lunch, May 29, 2022


Please arrive at noon. We’ll start with an aperitivo and you’ll have time to stroll around the farm. Ticket price is per person; one bottle of wine is included per couple. This purchase is non-refundable and there is NO alternative menu.

24 Available

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We serve seasonal lunches and dinners based on what is available and freshest. Therefore our menus are determined only a few days before each dining event.

Wine List

When you arrive at the farm, you can select one bottle of wine per couple to share from those marked with an asterisk (*) below. Wines listed in bold are also available as an upgrade.


*Bulichella Sol Sera Rosato 2018 (Syrah)
*Grasso Fratelli Langhe Bianco 2019 (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc)
Grasso Fratelli Langhe Chardonnay “Settembrino 2016 (Chardonnay) +$5
*Mantellassi Ali’Ale’ (Alicante-Aleatico) Passito
*Mantellassi Sasso Bianco 2019 (Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc)
*Montauto Staccione Rosato 2019 (Sangiovese)
*Montauto Bianco di Pitigliano 2019 (Trebbiano, 25% Malvasia, 5% Chardonnay)
*Montauto Bianco Gessaia 2019 (Sauvignon Blanc)
Montauto Classico (Sangiovese) Metodo Classico +$15
Montauto Enos 2018 (Sauvignon Blanc) +$10
*Monte Solaio Boccasanta 2018 (Vermentino, Ansonica)
*Parmoleto Montecucco Vermentino “Carabatto” 2019 (Vermentino)
*Parmoleto Incucio Spumante (Sangiovese)
*Peteglia Montecucco Vermentino 2019 (Vermentino)
*Peteglia Rosato 2019 (Sangiovese)
Sasso di Sole Charmat Lungo Rosato (Sangiovese) +$10


Bulichella Tuscanio Rosso 2015 Sangiovese) +$20
Bulichella Col di Pietre Rosse 2015 (Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot) +$45
Bulichella Montecristo 2015 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot) +$100
Mantellassi Sentinelle 2013 (Sangiovese, Alicante) +$20
*Ca’ Brusà Barbera d’Alba Superiore “Cunca d’Or” 2017 (Barbera)
Ca’ Brusà Vigna d’Vai Barolo Riserva (Nebbiolo) +$65
*Grasso Fratelli Dolcetto D’Alba 2019
Grasso Fratelli Langhe Nebbiolo (Nebbiolo) 2017 +$5
Grasso Fratelli Barbaresco San Stunet Riserva (Nebbiolo) 2013 +$40
*Mantellassi San Guiseppe 2017 (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ciliegiolo)
Mantellassi Sentinelle 2015 (Sangiovese, Alicante) +$10
*Montauto Toscana Silio 2018 (Ciliegiolo)
Montauto Pinot Nero 2017 (Pinot Noir) +$10
*Monte Solaio Tino Rosso 2016 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot)
Monte Solaio Re del Castello 2017 (Merlot, Cabernet Franc) +$50
*Parmoleto Montecucco Rosso 2017 (Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet)
Parmoleto Syrah 2016 (Syrah) +$5
Parmoleto Sormonno 2016 (Sangiovese, Cabernet) +$25
Parmoleto Sormonno 2018 (Sangiovese, Cabernet) +$15
*Peteglia Montecucco Sangiovese 2016 (Sangiovese)
Peteglia Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva 2013 (Sangiovese) +$25
Peteglia Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva 2015 (Sangiovese) +$15
Peteglia Maremma Toscana Cabernet 2015 (Cabernet Sauvignon) +$10
Peteglia Maremma Toscana Cabernet 2016 (Cabernet Sauvignon) +$5
Roccapesta 2016 (Sangiovese) +$10
Roccapesta Calestaia 2013 (Sangiovese) +$50
Roccapesta Pugnitello 2016 (Pugnitello) +$50

Sasso di Sole Rosso di Montalcino 2018 (Sangiovese) +$5
Sasso di Sole Brunello Riserva 2013 (Sangiovese) +$105
Sasso di Sole Brunello 2014 (Sangiovese) +$35

What to Expect

We want to make sure your experience is really special so here are a few things you should know:

  • Please wear comfortable shoes you can walk around the farm in. And consider bringing a sweater or jacket, summer evenings at the farm can be cool.
  • We have an amazing selection of hand-selected Italian wines. Except as noted for certain special events one bottle of wine is included per couple, and you’ll have the option to upgrade your wine or add an Italian beer when you arrive.

We’re looking forward to sharing a meal with you!